Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing Jim

I have not had the energy or strength to update this blog. As we approach the 3 month mark of Jim's passing, we are sad in a way I can not explain. The reality of our loss becomes more permanent and the pain more great. Rebecca, Jack and I struggle to find structure or "normalcy" without Jim. I do smile when the kids talk about their dad on a daily basis..remembering something funny or what he would have said in a particular situation. As Halloween approaches, Jack is keeping up Jim's love for the day and has decorated in his honor. Some of you know the "famous toilet costume" that consumed Jim's time in the garage for many hours. It was quite an amazing creation! Jack has made some adjustments so he can wear it proudly this year. It is on display for those who come by and Jack is so happy to show everyone.

Volleyball is winding down for both kids and new sports will begin. The focus on sports does help them keep their minds busy. As new seasons approach, I think of all of the chores that Jim would be doing outside. I have definitely let that slide as I am not talented in this area.

I feel much better this morning after taking time to write about Jim. I hope you all continue to enjoy the updates. If anyone did not receive a memorial card and would like one, please email me and I will be very happy to get one in the mail to you.

We continue to "Keep The Faith" and try to remember that Jim is in a wonderful place free of pain and suffering.

God Bless

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Ingrid said...


I wish I could say the right words that will help you through this very difficult time. I only know from my own personal experience of loss that time really *does* help to ease the pain. You will have a new "normal," one that allows you to think of Jim, speak of Jim, and not feel as if you are sinking in a dark hole. On those difficult days, give your beautiful children extra hugs. And know that each and every one of your friends sends you hugs. Love you!