Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim

Happy Birthday Jim. We love you! Today we will honor Jim and celebrate his 51st birthday. We each have a balloon to write a special message on that we will release and find their way up to Dad in heaven. Every year Jim would have a Portillo's chocolate cake for his birthday, so we will be enjoying that as well. For those who do not live in Chicago...Portillo's has a famous moist delicious, very rich chocolate cake. Jim introduced us to it and has consumed many.

The sun is shining and the snow is sparkling brightly!

Happy Birthday....we miss you.

Patty, Becca and Jack

Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Months

It is hard to believe that Jim has been gone for 6 months today. They say time heals...however we continue to have the good days and the bad. There is not a day that goes by where one of us will say something about Jim...what he might be doing, or what he would say. Jack is so much like Jim, I just have to smile....or shake my head at times!

Our experience on Thanksgiving as we helped to serve over 1800 people dinner was the best medicine for us. We were so thankful to be helping others and I was so proud of Becca and Jack. We are constantly reminded of how many people are struggling in so many different ways.

The kids are doing well and very busy with their schedules. Becca is playing club volleyball and Jack plays basketball. They seem to be growing up so fast. I know that Jim is guiding them along the way from Heaven.

I hope the new year brings everyone some peace. I am still in awe of the community of people who have and continue to support our family in so many ways. We feel very lucky to have you in our lives.

God Bless

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to thank you all for your cards, well wishes and prayers for our family. I woke up very sad this morning just thinking about all the "Thanksgiving feasts" we would have at our house. It was one of my favorite days and I loved cooking with Jim and creating our traditions as a family. He would be putting the turkey in the oven about now and basting it religiously while it cooked. We always watched the Macy's parade with the kids, Becca and Jack would help set the table and wait anxiously for our guests to arrive.

Today will be much different, however special in many ways. Rebecca, Jack and I are going to a restaurant to help serve a meal to those less fortunate. They close for business every Thanksgiving to do this for their community. I am looking forward to this and feel it will be a blessing for our family and a great way to start this difficult time of year.

Tears are streaming down, so I will close for now. Enjoy family, be thankful and celebrate life.

God Bless,
Patty, Becca and Jack aka Team Lambo...Keep The Faith!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing Jim

I have not had the energy or strength to update this blog. As we approach the 3 month mark of Jim's passing, we are sad in a way I can not explain. The reality of our loss becomes more permanent and the pain more great. Rebecca, Jack and I struggle to find structure or "normalcy" without Jim. I do smile when the kids talk about their dad on a daily basis..remembering something funny or what he would have said in a particular situation. As Halloween approaches, Jack is keeping up Jim's love for the day and has decorated in his honor. Some of you know the "famous toilet costume" that consumed Jim's time in the garage for many hours. It was quite an amazing creation! Jack has made some adjustments so he can wear it proudly this year. It is on display for those who come by and Jack is so happy to show everyone.

Volleyball is winding down for both kids and new sports will begin. The focus on sports does help them keep their minds busy. As new seasons approach, I think of all of the chores that Jim would be doing outside. I have definitely let that slide as I am not talented in this area.

I feel much better this morning after taking time to write about Jim. I hope you all continue to enjoy the updates. If anyone did not receive a memorial card and would like one, please email me and I will be very happy to get one in the mail to you.

We continue to "Keep The Faith" and try to remember that Jim is in a wonderful place free of pain and suffering.

God Bless

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another busy week at our house and never a dull moment. Jack needed stitches and has a big black eye. No I did not hit him! He was injured at basketball tryouts of all things and took an elbow to the eye. Needless to say, he looks pretty bad, but all is OK. It was another long night in the ER as we got home at 11:45. Jack enjoys telling stories when people ask what happens.

Becca is knee deep in volleyball and loving it. It is six days a week with tournaments on Saturday's. Jack is also playing volleyball for St. James, so I am sitting in the stands a lot. Jim would be so proud, as he inspired both of them to play.

I have had some calls or a note sent telling me their favorite memories of Jim. I LOVE hearing all the stories!

God Bless