Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Months

It is hard to believe that Jim has been gone for 6 months today. They say time heals...however we continue to have the good days and the bad. There is not a day that goes by where one of us will say something about Jim...what he might be doing, or what he would say. Jack is so much like Jim, I just have to smile....or shake my head at times!

Our experience on Thanksgiving as we helped to serve over 1800 people dinner was the best medicine for us. We were so thankful to be helping others and I was so proud of Becca and Jack. We are constantly reminded of how many people are struggling in so many different ways.

The kids are doing well and very busy with their schedules. Becca is playing club volleyball and Jack plays basketball. They seem to be growing up so fast. I know that Jim is guiding them along the way from Heaven.

I hope the new year brings everyone some peace. I am still in awe of the community of people who have and continue to support our family in so many ways. We feel very lucky to have you in our lives.

God Bless


Ingrid said...

Thank you for updating us, Patty. Keep talking about Jim. I know that it isn't easy to listen sometimes, but it truly helps the healing process. I was always afraid to talk about Menno or Mom, and didn't around my dad too much, knowing it was painful, yet not saying anything is like closing the door. I can't do that. Even after 33-1/2 years, I still think of Menno and share stories with my kids. I still have times when I find myself hearing a song or seeing a picture and tear up. It's normal and *healthy*.

Know that you all are always in my thoughts. Sending you cyber hugs.


Unknown said...

Hi Patty,
I can just picture you, going about all the daily 'to do' lists that being a Mom brings, but know that you're in our thoughts, and everytime we go to the refridgerator, as that is where your family pic is proudly displayed in our home. Visitors ask about you and you may never know the full reach your family's story has been shared. You've been a role model for your family and ours!
Happy February - Hang on - Spring is near